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In 2014, voters approved two levy measures and a bond measure. One levy was for educational programs and operating funds and one was for technology and capital projects. These levies replaced current levies that would expire in 2014 and 2015, respectively. The bond measure will fund the rebuilding of several schools, the building of two new schools and remodeling of International and Big Picture schools.

In 2010, voters approved a $74 million Technology and Capital Projects Levy, which includes funding for large-scale maintenance projects such as roofs and flooring, as well as mechanical, electrical, water and sewer systems on older facilities; upgrades to Ringdall Middle School to house middle school students whose schools are being remodeled; and improvements or replacements of school sports fields.

In 2008, voters approved a $545 million bond that allows the District to rebuild three additional elementary schools, modernize the two remaining regular high schools, make improvements to three middle schools and, if funds remain, complete projects, such as adding a multipurpose room, to two other elementary schools.  Each facility is being brought to common educational and architectural standards that will reduce the cost of operating and maintaining school facilities as well as provide the optimal learning environment for students.

In 2002, voters of the Bellevue School District approved the sale of $324 million dollars in Unlimited General Obligation Bonds with a 73% approval rate.  This approval allowed the district to demolish and rebuild eight of its 16 elementary schools, make improvements to accommodate growth at several elementary schools, and significantly modernize two of its four main high schools.  

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