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The Facilities Department is responsible for planning, maintaining, and operating a wide range of campus services, in support of the Bellevue School District's Policies & Procedures Manual, and Mission Statement.

Field Projects Update

On February 11, 2014, voters approved three measures, two of which will directly fund the building of all-weather turf fields across the district.  The Capital Construction Bond for $450 million will rebuild six schools and two new schools, all with all-weather turf fields.  A portion of the Technology and Capital Projects Levy, $104 million over five years, will also be used to fund the replacement of 11 fields across the district with all-weather turf fields.

How are fields funded in Bellevue School District?

The district has two funding sources for fields, Capital Construction Bonds and Technology and Capital Projects Levies. Both bonds and levies require voter approval. 

  • Capital Construction Bonds are the primary source, as the bond measures allow the district to rebuild schools from the ground up.  Starting with construction of Tyee Middle School in 2010, all new schools in the district are being built with all-weather turf fields. 
  • Technology and Capital Projects Levies are the secondary source of funding fields.  In addition to funding the replacement of fields across the district, these levies also must fund large scale maintenance, repairs and upgrades to school facilities and technology.

When will my school get a new field?

The district expects to present the School Board with a recommended timeline for field replacement at the July 1, 2014, School Board meeting.  There are currently 11* schools that have already been rebuilt and will need a replacement all-weather field.  Below you will find a list of schools who currently have all-weather fields and those who will be rebuilt with all-weather fields with bond funds.  The remaining 11 schools will be placed on a planning timeline for field replacement and presented to the School Board in July.

All-Weather Fields

Rebuild with All-Weather Fields

Bellevue High

Highland Middle, 2018-20

Interlake High

Odle Middle, 2014-16

Newport High

Tillicum Middle, 2016-18

Sammamish High

Bennett Elementary, 2016

International School

Clyde Hill Elementary, 2017

Chinook Middle

Enatai Elementary, 2015

Tyee Middle

Puesta del Sol Elementary, 2018


Stevenson Elementary, 2017

*Cherry Crest Elementary is one of the 11 schools that have been identified as needing an all-weather turf field.  Cherry Crest’s current field belongs to the City of Bellevue and the district will work with them to get them on the schedule.

About how much does it cost to replace the fields?

At this time, the district estimates that it will cost approximately $700,000 to replace one field, for a total of 7.7 million to replace all 11 fields.

Can the district replace all the fields at the same time?

No.  Capital Construction projects take time to plan and build.  The Technology and Capital Projects levy also funds a variety upgrades to technology and facilities across the district, in addition to replacing sport fields.  The district will use the Technology and Capital Projects levy funds to upgrade laptops and computers in schools, interactive software programs for student learning, projectors and smart boards in classrooms, and technology infrastructure such as wireless networks.  As well as large scale capital projects such as new floors, roofs, repairs to essential utilities such as sewer, water and electrical. 

How soon can the district start replacing sport fields?

The district will start collecting the Technology and Capital Projects levy funds in 2015.  Currently, the district expects to start replacing fields in 2015.  From 2015 to 2019 the district is planning to replace all 11 fields located at schools that have already been rebuilt.  The additional eight fields that are part of the new schools construction projects covered by the 2008 and 2014 bonds will be completed by 2020.

Community Use

Building Use
For information on the rental of classrooms, commons areas, cafeterias, gyms and all other areas of the schools not identified below, visit our Building Use Page or call 425-456-4500.

Performing Arts Centers
For information on the rental of high school theaters, visit our Performing Arts Centers Page or call 425-456-4581

Sports Fields
For rental of High School, International Multi-Use, Tyee fields, Middle Schools, and Elementary Schools, please see our Field Rental Page 

Stadium Use
For public use of high school stadiums, contact the school of interest and speak with the Athletic Director.

All Other District Fields
For public use of other fields, contact the City of Bellevue Parks Scheduling office at 425-452-6914.

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