Communications Department

The Communications Department operates to provide general information to the public and foster two-way communication with the Bellevue School District community.   The Communications office works in concert with schools, administrative divisions, community groups and individuals to provide information of interest to the community.  This office also works with parent groups and the broader community to encourage active, respectful and engaging dialogue and collaboration to discuss ideas, build relationships and ensure a diverse range of views and perspectives are heard--all in support of student academic achievement. 

Several areas that involve Communications are:

  • Communication channels between the District, parents and community.
  • News and information to news media and community groups.
  • Providing connections to parents and community members to foster involvement and engagement.
  • Helping to facilitate community engagement activities such as citizen committees, community events, and informational activities.
  • Outreach to the broader community to ensure information about the District is shared with various audiences such as business, cities, non-profit organizations, service groups and communities of faith.
  • Parent and other community groups which support student achievement such as PTSA, PAAC, Impulso and the Bellevue Schools Foundation.
  • Conducts research to use in fostering open two-way communication.
  • Oversees flyer approval process and distribution of materials from the public to students.   


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Communications Staff

Elizabeth (Noagi) Sytman
Director of Communications

Kathy Smith
Communications Manager

Christina Madden
Communications Manager

Ramika Toms
Senior Secretary

Alex Clark 
Web Content Manager

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