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Administration & Support Buildings

Educational Service Center
Educational Service Center & Bellevue School District Office
12111 NE 1st Street
Bellevue, WA 98005

Wilburton Instructional Service Center
Wilburton Instructional Service Center
12241 Main Street
Bellevue, WA 98005

Management Support Center
Management Support Center
12037 NE 5th Street
Bellevue, WA 98005

12025 NE 5th Street
Bellevue, WA 98005

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SafeSchools Alert

Our district uses SafeSchools Alert, a tip reporting service that allows students, staff and parents to submit safety concerns to our administration four different ways:

  1. Phone: 425-324-3875
  2. Text #1177 @tip + your tip to ALERT1 or 253781
  3. Email
  4. Fill out a report at

Telephone Directory

Department Number Location
Accounting 425-456-4001 ESC
Affirmative Action 425-456-4074 ESC
Bellevue Schools Foundation 425-456-4199 WISC
Bilingual Program (ELL) 425-456-4135 ESC
Budget 425-456-4065 ESC
Business Services 425-456-4025 ESC
Capital Construction 425-456-4510 ESC
Career/Technical Education 425-456-4181 ESC
Childfind 425-456-4171 ESC
Copy Center 425-456-4036 ESC
Communications 425-456-4000 ESC
Curriculum 425-456-4109 ESC
Custodial 425-456-4520 ESC
Custodial ESC 425-456-4024 ESC
Early Learning Program 425-456-4030 ESC
Equity Department 425-456-4027 ESC
Facilities/Planning 425-456-4501 ESC
Facilities Use 425-456-4500 ESC
Full Day Kindergarten 425-456-4030 ESC
General Counsel 425-456-4068 ESC
Gifted Program 425-456-4136 ESC
Guidance Program - Elementary 425-456-4156 ESC
Guidance Program - Secondary 425-456-4055 ESC
Headstart 425-456-6062 ESC
Health Services 425-456-4276 ESC
Home School 425-456-4200
Human Resources 425-456-4040 ESC
Information Technology 425-456-4600 WISC
Instructional Kits 425-456-4661 WISC
Instructional Materials 425-456-4546 WISC
Instructional Technology 425-456-4621 WISC
Maintenance 425-456-4511 MSC
Mail/Deliveries 425-456-4093 ESC
Music Office 425-456-4108 ESC
Nutrition Services 425-456-4507 MSC
Operations 425-456-4518 MSC
Payroll 425-456-4100 ESC
Public Information 425-456-4000 ESC
Purchasing 425-456-4141 ESC
Peforming Arts Centers 425-456-4581 MSC
Research & Assessment 425-456-4225 ESC
School News Line 425-456-4111
Section 504/ADA 425-456-4068 ESC
Security 24/7 425-456-7233
Special Education 425-456-4149 ESC
Speech & Hearing 425-456-4149 ESC
Student Placement 425-456-4200 ESC
Student Services 425-456-4055 ESC
Student Records 425-456-4150 ESC
Student Transfers 425-456-4200 ESC
Substitute Office 425-456-4077 ESC
Superintendent of Schools 425-456-4172 ESC
Summer School 425-456-4190 ESC
Testing 425-456-4606 WISC
Textbook Services 425-456-4546 ESC
Title I/LAP 425-456-4089 ESC
Title VII 425-456-4074 ESC 
Title IX 425-456-4074 ESC
Transition Program 425-456-7290
Transportation 425-456-4512 TRA
Voluneer/VIBES Program 425-456-4154 ESC
Warehouse 425-456-4506 MSC


For job related comments or questions please visit our employment page or contact our Human Resources Department.

Tel: 425-456-4040
Fax: 425-456-4078

Public Records Request

Requests for disclosure of public records should be directed to the District’s General Counsel Office at 425-456-4068.

You may also email

Emergency School Closure Information

School News-Line: 425-456-4111
Register for email notification

For more information about emergency school closures and emergency bus routes, please visit the Transportation Page.

Write to Us

Bellevue School District
attn: Department Name
P.O. Box 90010
Bellevue, WA 98009-9010

Media Relations

For press inquiries, please contact our Communication Office.

Phone: 425-456-4000