Similar to other school districts in Washington State, Bellevue School District has a Board of Directors, Superintendent and Superintendent’s Cabinet.

Board of Directors:  The Board of Directors, sometimes referred to as the School Board, is made up of five elected officials representing the five Director Districts within the Bellevue School District Boundaries.  The School Board has fundamental governance responsibilities that fall into four major areas: vision, accountability, structure, and advocacy. Although it provides overall governance of the district, the Board employs and empowers a professional staff of administrators led by a strong superintendent of schools to carry out the district’s daily functions and to pursue its short and long range goals.

Superintendent:  The Superintendent is responsible for working with the Board of Directors to shape district goals, and providing direction to the Cabinet on day to day activities of managing District schools, programs and services.

Superintendent’s Cabinet: The Superintendent’s Cabinet is responsible for day to day activities required to run and support our schools, as well as serving as an advisory group to the Superintendent and Board of Directors. 

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