As part of the consent agenda the board approved Resolution No. 16-08 outlining the attendance area and feeder pattern for Elementary School 18. Learn more on the Elementary 18 website.

The board held a public hearing on the proposed 2016-17 budget.

A written only report was presented to the board on career and technical education.

A report on the professional development plan for this year was compiled by Executive Director of Curriculum & Instruction Sharon Kautz and Director of Curriculum and Instruction Liz Ritz. The report included an outline of professional development opportunities this year and areas of focus.

Director of Technology Jason Golec presented an overview of the technology department. This fall 1:1 laptops will be distributed at Newport, Odle and Tillicum for the first time, to be followed by distribution at Chinook and Tyee in the fall of 2017. Golec also discussed the district’s technology infrastructure and associated projects, its partnership with Microsoft, support services, technology training, provided an update on the process to select a new student information system, and discussed future challenges and decisions.

Director of Security Mike Dorman presented a report on the work of the security department over the past year, the role of the safety and security specialists, the ongoing transition to an enterprise security risk management model, partnerships with local law enforcement, and challenges.

Director of Communications Elizabeth Sytman provided an update on community engagement to the board. The engagement framework was reviewed as well as case studies of two topics from the spring: the attendance area for Elementary 18 and Tyee Middle School start times, and next steps were discussed.

The board discussed the resolution outlining the attendance area and feeder pattern for Elementary 18 before unanimously approving the resolution.

During board business the board members discussed the superintendent search process and hiring a search firm.

Board Meeting Agenda

Due to the fluidity of meeting topics, the start times listed for each item are approximate and could start and/or end before/after the start time.


4:02 APPROVAL OF AGENDA (1 minute)

4:03 CONSENT AGENDA (2 minutes)

  • Adoption of the minutes of the August 2, 2016 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Inclusion of emailed comments from the Public Comment link on the District website in the official current meeting minutes.

4:05 PUBLIC COMMENTS (10 minutes)
If you would like to address the Board on an issue, please limit your remarks to not more than 3 minutes, appoint a spokesperson if the concern is a group concern, and if desired, provide written documentation to the Board Secretary in order to be included as part of the official Board minutes. While the Board will listen to all public comments carefully, the Board will generally not respond to comments spontaneously or without further deliberation. The Board may direct the Superintendent to respond to the issues expressed at a later date. At Board meetings, complaints about specific personnel will not be heard in open session.

4:15 Budget Hearing 2016-2017 – Melissa DeVita (10 minutes)

4.25 Board Approval of Budget 16-17 / Resolution No. 16-06 (Exhibit 10A) – Melissa DeVita (10 minutes)


4:35 Career and Technical Education – Marilyn Henselman (0 minutes, Written Report Only)

4:35 Professional Development – Teachers and Principals – Eva Collins (25 minutes)

5:00 Technology – Jason Golec (25 minutes)

5:25 BREAK (10 minutes)

5:35 Safety and Security – Mike Dorman (25 minutes)

6:00 Community Engagement – Elizabeth Sytman (25 minutes)

6:25 OLD BUSINESS / NEW BUSINESS (10 minutes)


6:35 E-18 Plan – Final Approval (Resolution No. 16-08) (15 minutes)

6:50 BREAK (5 minutes)

6:55 WORK SESSION – Baker Room

  • Next Steps for Board Priorities (25 minutes)
  • Board Comments (10 minutes)
  • Review Board Meeting Planning Calendar (Sept./Oct.) (10 minutes)
  • Bellevue High School Board Visit (5 minutes)

An executive session of the Board is being convened in the Baker Room (30 minutes) for the sole purpose of discussing: Superintendent’s Evaluation

8:15 PLUS/DELTA (5 minutes)