The board heard an update on the plan to add classrooms at Newport High School.  $10 million was included in the most recent bond measure passed by voters for this project.  As part of the project the facilities department is developing a master plan to provide a vision for meeting the needs of the Newport community presently and in the future.  Items included in the draft master plan are music rooms, a black box theater, the 10 classroom project, relocating art, CTE and culinary programs, two new gyms, updates to and expanding the commons/food service area, and science room upgrades.

Director of Facilities & Operations Jack McLeod and members of the facilities team provided an overview of the department’s work including current capital construction projects, the capital project budget, capital levy budget, maintenance, and energy initiatives.

Dr. Mills and the board continued discussing the five-year and annual plan.

During board comments Dr. Mills updated the board on Head Start funding that was cut by the Puget Sound Educational Service district in June. As background information Dr. Mills clarified budgeting concerns including uncertainty around the 2017-18 budget related to the state legislature and the McCleary decision as well as State Superintendent Randy Dorn’s lawsuit against seven districts, including Bellevue, related to the districts’ use of levy funds. Dr. Mills asked the board to temporarily suspend Board Policy 6111, which stipulates that the preschool program be self-sustaining, for this year so that the 65 Head Start funded half day preschool spots for 4-year-olds that were lost could be alternately funded by the district. The estimated one-time cost is $375,000 to be paid from the district’s reserve fund balance. Dr. Mills specified that this action would be for this year only, and would give the district time to find future funding. The board discussed the funding and their options, and board President Christine Chew moved for the one year only allocation of $375,000 and the suspension of the first two sentences of the second paragraph of policy 6111 for the 2016-17 school year only. It was seconded by My-Linh Thai and was unanimously approved by the board.

Board Meeting Agenda

Due to the fluidity of meeting topics, the start times listed for each item are approximate and could start and/or end before/after the start time.


4:02 APPROVAL OF AGENDA (1 minute)

4:03 CONSENT AGENDA (2 minutes)

  • Adoption of the minutes of the July 19, 2016 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Inclusion of emailed comments from the Public Comment link on the District website in the official current meeting minutes.

4:05 PUBLIC COMMENTS (10 minutes)
If you would like to address the Board on an issue, please limit your remarks to not more than 3 minutes, appoint a spokesperson if the concern is a group concern, and if desired, provide written documentation to the Board Secretary in order to be included as part of the official Board minutes. While the Board will listen to all public comments carefully, the Board will generally not respond to comments spontaneously or without further deliberation. The Board may direct the Superintendent to respond to the issues expressed at a later date. At Board meetings, complaints about specific personnel will not be heard in open session.

4:15 Capital Construction – Jack McLeod (10 minutes)

  • Update on Newport H.S.


4:25 Facilities Program Review – Jack McLeod (25 minutes)

4:50 Final Annual Plans – Board Required Report – Tim Mills (25 minutes)

5:15 Final 3-5 Year Plans – Board Required Report – Tim Mills (25 minutes)

5:40 BREAK (5 minutes)

5:45 OLD BUSINESS / NEW BUSINESS (10 minutes)


5:55 Approval of Board Priorities from Summer Retreat (10 minutes)

6:05 BOARD COMMENTS (10 minutes)

6:15 AGENDA PLANNING (5 minutes)

6:20 EXECUTIVE SESSION – Baker Room (60 minutes)
An executive session of the Board is being convened for the sole purposes of discussing:

  1. Property
  2. Superintendent’s Evaluation

7:20 PLUS/DELTA (5 minutes)