District Athletic Director Jeff Lowell and Executive Director of Schools John Harrison presented a brief overview of interscholastic activities to the board. A more detailed presentation will be made at the Oct. 20 meeting.

Special Education Director Heather Edlund presented an overview and update on special education in the district. She updated the board on the Leadership Institute, professional development for co-teaching, and CTE. Other recent work in the department includes aligning the department improvement plan with school improvement plans, updating the special education page on the district website, reorganization of the department, and continuing new hiring and retention practices.

Director of Equity Shomari Jones and Supervisor of Equity and Student Success Krischanna Roberson presented an overview and update on the Equity Department. Jones and Roberson spoke about the departments goals and work in alignment with the Instructional Initiatives, Equity Teams, and the Courageous Conversations trainings.

The board heard a second reading and discussion of school board policies and procedures 3241, 3246, and 3247. The board decided to pull discussion of 3246 and 3247 because of new information received from OSPI at the end of the week prior to the meeting. After further discussion of 3241 the board unanimously approved the amended policy.

The board discussed the possibility of changing the high school start times. Each board member shared their thoughts on the potential changes, including potential benefits and challenges they anticipate. The board then discussed different aspects and impacts of a change. The board voted unanimously to recommend changing the start time to a goal time of 8:30 subject to an implementation plan to be approved by the board that includes a feasibility study at each high school and across the district.

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Board Meeting Agenda

Due to the fluidity of meeting topics, the start times listed for each item are approximate and could start and/or end before/after the start time.


4:02 APPROVAL OF AGENDA (1 minute)

4:03 CONSENT AGENDA (2 minutes)

  • Adoption of the Minutes of September 15, 2015 Regular Meeting of the Board of Directors
  • Inclusion of emailed comments from the Public Comment link on the District website in the current meeting minutes.

If you would like to address the Board on an issue, please limit your remarks to not more than 3 minutes, appoint a spokesperson if the concern is a group concern, and if desired, provide written documentation to the Board Secretary in order to be included as part of the official Board minutes. While the Board will listen to all public comments carefully, the Board will generally not respond to comments spontaneously or without further deliberation. The Board may direct the Superintendent to respond to the issues expressed at a later date. At Board meetings, complaints about specific personnel will not be heard in open session.

4:20 Interscholastic Activities – Jeff Lowell, John Harrison (10 minutes)

4:30 Special Education Update – Heather Edlund (25 minutes)

4:55 Equity – Shomari Jones, Krischanna Roberson (25 minutes)

5:25 OLD BUSINESS / NEW BUSINESS (10 minutes)

  • Youthlink Interim Liaison Appointment

5:35 BREAK (10 minutes)

5:45 Second Reading of Policies: (20 minutes)


7:05 BOARD COMMENTS (10 minutes)

7:15 AGENDA PLANNING (5 minutes)

7:20 PLUS/DELTA (5 minutes)